Teddy Hose

Writer, Editor, Animator
works as Animator, Designer, Storyboard Artist at teddyhose.com  /  lives in San Francisco, CA, United States  /  went to School of Visual Arts '06
Award Winning Animator, Cartoonist and Writer
Story is the story of my life. Artist from an artist family whose professional career includes animation, motion graphics, directing, design, editing, storyboards, sound editing, writing and illustration. My animation has appeared in MTVu.com, TechCrunch and Men's Wearhouse. My comedy writing and cartooning have been featured in McSweeney's, Huffington Post, Mashable and Laughing Squid.

Credits (3)

Storyboard Demo Reel
Storyboard panels for Men's Wearhouse - Closet Management animated video and my independent short, The Tale of Lester Rhymes.
Animation Demo Reel
List of credits available in Vimeo version: www.vimeo.com/33504708
The Tale of Lester Rhymes
Lester Rhymes is a nerdy white kid who grew up in the ghetto. When his parents decided it was time to move to the suburbs, Lester still found himself the target of bullying. Unfortunately for the bullies, they discover the one thing he brought with him from across the bridge, the gift of freestyle rapping.