Scott Hardie

Director, Writer, Producer
works as Writer/Director at Shaw Film Productions  /  lives in Los Angeles, CA, United States  /  went to USC '12
Character Driven Storyteller
Scott Hardie was born in Sacramento and raised in El Dorado Hills, California. He graduated from Sonoma State University where he received his BA in Communication Studies. Shortly thereafter, he began his film career, directing the feature documentary, Harvest Young, which earned him local acclaim, premiering at the Sonoma International film festival.

Wanting to learn more, Scott attended graduate school at the ... more

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Volantor tells the story of esteemed inventor and engineer Paul Moller and his 50 year long journey to bring his M-400 Volantor “Skycar” to the market. Having seen the rise, fall and rebirth of the flying car dream through the late 20th century, Dr. Moller’s story will take us through a history of ambitious pilots and engineers who lived and died to bring our vision of the future to life.