Paul Greer

 lives in London, United Kingdom
Director of Vanguard Pictures
Paul Greer has been in the film business since 2001 - from cinema to marketing
and started his own small film company 7 years ago called Vanguard Pictures.
He since has made a total of 7 short films with Nitro Warriors being the latest - He is currently working on a sci-fi short called 'Frozen'

Filmography -

Nitro Warriors - A Stop Motion Animated Film ... more

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Nitro Warriors: A Stop Motion Animated Film
A super-charged Ford Mustang is under hot pursuit by the law and throws them off its tail one by one, but it may have met its match when it comes up against a mysterious black police Chevy Corvette... This stop motion action film using toy cars took 6 months to shoot for just under 3 minutes of film! It was filmed using bespoke rigging systems and an iPhone with an application called Stop Motion Studio. Produced by Brenden Kent Directed by Paul Greer