Crystal Page

Director, Writer, Production Coordinator
works as Owner/Operator at Crystal Page Productions  /  lives in Oceanside, CA, United States  /  went to USC '09
Filmmaker Covering Kids + Politics
Filmmaker, content producer, communications strategist and web developer — Crystal has spent the last decade planning, creating and managing communications strategies and content for clients and employers including the Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI), SEIU California, toymaker Dano2, California Faculty Association, the Euraisa Foundation, Good Jobs LA (re-branded as the Fight for 15) and Brave New Films and Foundation. Additionally, while living in ... more

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Let Them Eat Hot Dogs
February 9th - Flash Occupation: Returning to Bank of America Details here: Hashtags: #F9, #MakeBanksPay
LAX is the Wild, Wild West
This video was used Feb 21, 2011 to set the scene of the current conditions at LAX.
Do You Want a Toxic Manicure?
Director Tell your Congress member to support nail salon worker health by supporting safe cosmetics legislation! Sign the Petition!
My Homework Ate My Dog (Screener)
Director Summary: A modern tale of the boy who cried wolf. Lyle Licketti lies constantly. When his homework comes to life, he must persuade his disbelieving class to flee before the monster consumes them, like it did his dog. One thing stands in the way, his logical third grade teacher...Mrs. Cee. This screener is for private use only.